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A white room. A tiled ceiling. Simple sheets... You may wake up in this strange place and wonder where you are. It's certainly not a place you know. ...Or is it?
You may, upon thinking about it, realize that you don't quite know. You don't quite remember much of anything. Small things, maybe: blurry faces or things with no names... But nothing else.
There are two beds in the room. A dresser, a closet, two desks. Two computers, and nothing more. A paper with a name is taped to the wall near your bed. It could be your name - it's hard to tell, as you don't quite remember it. A few other meaningless statistics, but otherwise the paper is blank. There's a suitcase in your closet with clothes; your name is on that, too. No jewelry, no books, no toys...nothing but clothes. A few neatly-pressed clothes hang in the closet, looking suspiciously like a collection of uniforms.
You take another look at the paper. "Welcome to Protos Fotia Academy" is neatly written out at the bottom.

Epithmo Para Theos is a multifandom anime/manga crossover RPG run on Greatestjournal. For more information, read on or visit the community (linked at the bottom).

To be selected for Protos Fotia Academy is a great achievement, worthy of honor. However, for those students chosen to attend the unique government-funded school, the memories of such an honor do not last long. Upon being selected, the memory of each and every student is, for the most part, wiped. While individuals retain information such as their names, skills, and previously attained knowledge, all recollection of personal history and childhood are supposedly wiped clean.

Protos Fotia is situated in an 'idyllic' town, shut off from the rest of the world. This is quite literal—no one may enter or leave, prevented by the massive stone wall encircling the grounds. The town itself is quiet and peaceful; it exists solely for the purpose of the school.

Little do the students know, their existence in Protos Fotia rests little with chance. Students who are selected are candidates for a unique condition known as 'empowered' --a very rare manifestation of unusual powers and abilities. No one has been able to predict what form these abilities take, nor the characteristics which make them active in youth.

Officially run by Gendo Ikari, a military official with mysterious connections to the government, the school is divided into four grades, or 'levels.' One’s age is not the primary criteria for placement within a level; instead, a variety of standards such as ability, knowledge, skill, and strength are used. To ascend to the next level, the student must pass a qualifier challenge--the test of their knowledge and abilities. No student knows the nature of the tests beforehand and the whole process is shrouded in secrecy; those who have ascended to a new level do not talk about the task with those uninitiated.

Gendo Ikari is aided by his staff of teachers. Each teacher has been given the objective of 'furthering and cultivating' the powers of potentials; however the methods employed in such an endeavor appear to be largely left to the discretion of the teachers. It has yet to be seen exactly what role these figures will play.

The school itself is shrouded in mystery, all the while pretending to be nothing but a normal, though highly prestigious, Academy for the gifted. The true reasons for the existence of the school and the collection of unique students contained within have yet to be revealed.

Epithmo Para Theos: a multifandom anime crossover RPG.
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